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The Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., LSO QuickSet™ was created for use with Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™, or any other silicone oil packaged in a 10 mL syringe. Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ is available in 1000 centipoise (cP) and 5000cP.

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Traditionally, silicone oil handling and injection in vitreoretinal surgery has resulted in such issues as:

  • Messy silicone oil residue on gloves and instruments
  • Waste of oil and time in the setup of the decanting and dispensing steps
  • Air bubbles

The LSO QuickSet™ components can be purchased separately (10/box), or in a handy QuickSet™ Combo Pack to help the surgical staff avoid many of these issues. By selecting the Combo Pack, the surgeon has the benefit of a sterile kit that contains a prefilled 10mL syringe, which can be connected to most VFI machines, either directly or with an adaptor.

The LSO QuickSet™ provides the retinal surgeon with numerous benefits, including:

  • Fast, easy, clean dispensing
  • No wasted time in the setup process waiting for air bubbles to coalesce
  • No pouring of oil required
  • No messy oil residue from decanting
  • No wasted oil left in a vial
  • See-through holder reduces risk of accidental glass syringe breakage

The complete Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ System includes: 

  • Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ 10 mL syringe (1000 centipoise [cP] or 5000cP)
  • LSO QuickSet™
  • LSO Extraction™ Kit

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