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LSO Silicone Oil™

Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc., is pleased to provide Canadian retinologists with LSO Silicone Oil™, our ultrapure, ophthalmic grade silicone oil system. 

The short-chain molecules that are known to cause inflammation and which are present in medical grade silicone are removed via a special purification process for use in ophthalmic applications. Labtician LSO Silicone Oil™ has been fractionated to remove the low-molecular-weight components, meaning there is no potential for inflammation; this also lessens the potential for emulsification, thereby reducing the need for premature silicone oil removal from the eye. 

Silicone oil is a tamponade agent that holds the retina in place by providing internal pressure to prevent the neurosensory retina from peeling off again. The vitreous gel is removed and replaced with silicone oil, which presses the retina against the choroid and promotes reattachment. After the retina has reattached itself against the back of the eye, a second procedure can be performed to remove the oil. 

LSO Silicone Oil™ features include:

  • Specific gravity of 0.97, suitable for superior retinal tears and breaks
  • Available in 1000 centipoise (cP) and 5000cP
  • Available in 10 mL vial or 10 mL syringe

Additional components in the complete Labtician LSO Silicone Oil System include: 

  • LSO QuickSet™
  • LSO Extraction™ Kit