Micron M7


Σύντομη Περιγραφή

Compact Laser Workstation
The MICRON M7 is designed for maximum patient comfort.
Straightforward optics design for precision and predictability.
Designed for cost-efficiency and low gas consumption.

Treatment Options
LASIK PRK, TEpi-PRK (Transepithelial PRK) with selectable zone sizes and Depth.
PresbyCOR(TM) PTK and optional Topography guided Treatments (planned).

Unique Beam Delivery Philosophy
We have redefined the traditional approach. With the MICRON M7 the patient lies still, microscope and beam applicator moves towards the patient on robotic arms – resulting in small system dimensions, less complex mechanics, large working distance and less dependence on environmental influences.

The first laser in refractive surgery leading the light right to the eye via a robotic applicator.

A combination of continuously working video eyetracker and docking eyepiece tracks eye movements and minimizes fixation saccades.
Robotic Arms
Our goal is to present the smallest excimer laser platform. To do so, we eliminated the need for a motorized patient bed. Instead, we are bringing the laser light to the eye via a specially designed mobile applicator which is attached to a robotic arm.

The main advantage of this approach is the large working distance during patient preparation and a small distance during treatment, minimizing environmental influences.

The slidable patient bed provides maximum patient comfort. When preparing surgery, all robotic arms are moved away from the patient. The patient will not experience the feeling of being ”block and locked into a machine” and lies relaxed during the whole procedure.
Auto Centration
Our video eyetracking system is connected to the controls of the robotic arms. Once the pupil is detected, the system automatically locks itself on the center of the patient’s pupil, following the movement within tracking range.

In case the eye moves out of eyetracking range during surgery, a re-centration just by pressing the center button can be achieved quick and easy.

A manual reposition of the bed by using the joystick is not neccessary anymore.
Modular Design
The MICRON M7 is a modularized design with a slidable patient bed. The laser system weighs only 370 kg which make it easy to handle and transport.

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