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The FEMTON F1 Philosophy
Our initial idea is to design a laser which is versatile, offering many treatment options.

Mobile for use in different operating rooms within the clinic. Upgradable and compatible to already existing Excimer Laser Systems or surgery tables.

Treatment Options
The FEMTON F1 Laser is open to a large number of applications. The basic configuration includes LASIK Flap, Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Intrastromal Pockets, Intrastromal Tunnels and optionally it can be extended for cataract surgery. More applications will be added.

All major functions can be controlled by the large touchscreen. The software is designed in an intuitive and straightforward way, leading the surgeon through the procedure. The automated centering feature with a single piece patient interface makes docking simple and safe.
The FEMTON F1 is stable, compact and mobile. It can be repositioned on the hospital floor, when not needed.

When designing the FEMTON F1 we ensured compatibility to most existing Excimer Laser systems. The laser can easily be moved and positioned near by to the patient bed.
When designing the FEMTON F1 system intensive attention was paid to easy serviceability and a straightforward modular structure.

This results in great stability and a small number of necessary spare parts. Only application interfaces which are intended for bilateral use are needed as acccessoires.

The FEMTON F1 is a modularized design as one compact unit. The laser system weighs only 200 kg which make it easy to handle and transport.

Moving the laser away when not needed is easy. Also it can be moved towards a patient bed of an Excimer Laser or ophthalmic surgery table for various procedures.

The width of only 790mm allows passage through the most standard doors.

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