New Optical Solutions in cooperation with LUMENIS presented with great success and the participation of many distinguished ophthalmologists in Crowne Plaza Hotel the new innovative system OPTIMA IPL as the next solution in the treatment of dry eye. Speaker was the Professor of Ophthalmology Dr. Sergio Solarino who also performed clinical applications in selected patients with increased dry eye problems!!!

We would like to thank the Ophthalmology Clinic of “KONSTANTOPOULEIO” General Hospital and especially the Dry Eye Department, Mrs. Ch. Terzidou (Director) and Mr. G. Dalianis (Specialist Doctor) for their great contribution in the above presentation.

Congratulations to the Sales Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa Mr. Paris Hatzianastasiadis for his cooperation!

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Do your patients suffer from dry, itchy, red or burning eyes?

Dry Eye Disease (DED) is the most common condition seen by eye care professionals The disease has a significant impact on quality of life, with symptoms such as foreign body sensation, pain, blurry vision, dryness or watery eyes. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a multifaceted disease, known to be the leading cause of DED in more than 85% percent of patients

DED can have a significant influence on patients’ satisfaction with ophthalmic surgeries
· Ophthalmic procedures can trigger DED or aggravate existing DED2,3
· Ophthalmic procedures in patients with pre-op DED results in less favorable outcomes