Medical Equipment Rental Solution

A modern and flexible solution without committing your funds

Financial flexibility

In an economically difficult environment with many challenges for health professionals, buying a new machine may require huge funds. Medical equipment rental solutions bridge the gap between capital availability and the clinical needs of doctors and hospitals.

Up to date technology

The rapid technological progress makes it difficult for hospitals and physicians to keep up with emerging medical developments. When you use outdated technology, repairs and recalls that may occur create additional problems. With the rent you have easy and direct access to the new technology.

Smooth operation

Older medical devices are prone to problems with their use and are usually more difficult to repair than newer ones. Spare parts may not be available or their cost may not be affordable. With the rent it is easy to replace older equipment with reliable state-of-the-art devices.

Get to know our process

1. Medical Equipment Selection

The sales representative of the medical equipment company visits you and presents you the range of equipment that exists in the market. You select the equipment that meets your needs without any restrictions and without the stress of committing funds. After your selection, the sales representative contacts us giving us the specifications of the equipment you wish.

2. Rental Program Selection

We analyze your needs according to the information we received from the sales representative and we present you personalized rental programs according to your specifications. You select the ideal rental program for you by determining the corresponding cost and repayment period. Once selected, we proceed to order the equipment.

3. Delivery and Installation

The delivery of your medical equipment is carried out within a specific time frame as agreed upon the order. We undertake the transport and installation of the equipment by a specialized team of technicians in collaboration with the representative and the manufacturing company. We are there for the demonstration and training of your associates.

Let's make the comparison Purchase vs. Renting

Purchase of Medical Equipment

  • A very high payment capital is required to purchase the medical equipment.
  • The value of the equipment is depreciated over several years.
  • The capital approval process by the Bank is laborious and requires the committing of funds.
  • The cost for the repair of medical equipment is high.
  • Organizing and supervising the technical maintenance or repair work of your medical equipment is difficult and time consuming.

Renting by Medical One Solutions

  • No high capital is required to acquire the medical equipment
  • You have a 100% exemption from taxable income.
  • No approvals or assets’ commitments are required.
  • You get access to state-of-the-art technology with a quick and easy process.
  • Maintenance and repair services performed by technicians authorized by the manufacturer are included.
  • We provide After-Sale Service for the entire duration of the rent of the equipment.

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