Introducing the All New Kahook Dual Blade

The Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) is an elegant, single-use, ophthalmic blade that makes parallel incisions in the trabecular meshwork (TM) and inner wall of the Canal of Schlemm. The device has a micro-engineered profile which allows for insertion into the eye through a clear cornea micro incision.

The surgical grade stainless steel body is comprised of a long, thin shaft that allows for access across the anterior chamber, a pointed tip used to pierce TM under gonioscopic view, a ramp that lifts and stretches the tissue as the device is advanced, and two blades precision manufactured through laser cutting technology to produce simultaneous incisions in treated tissues.

Kahook Key Features

  • Single use, ophthalmic blade
  • Utilizes ab interno approach through a clear cornea micro incision
  • Precision engineered to fit in the canal of Schlemm
  • Dual blades positioned for precise parallel incisions of the trabecular meshwork with minimal residual leaflets
  • Maintains natural physiologic outflow pathways