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The OCT-HS100  produces a fantastic image quality and is extremely easy to use. The Canon RX software platform provides  extensive IT connectivity.  With the optional Angio Expert software, the OCT-HS100 can easily be upgraded with OCT- Angiography.


The CR-2 AF is a Non Mydriatic Camera with extensive auto functions. Taking images with a Canon retinal camera has never been easier!  Canon’s own EOS digital camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras to offer optimal retinal imaging.


The CR-2 Plus AF is an Auto focusing Non Mydriatic Camera with Fundus AutoFluorescence (FAF). The FAF photography mode will provide information on changes of the retina that can’t be made visible with standard colour photography. It is equipped with a unique dedicated EOS digital camera for the highest image quality.


The CX-1 HYBRID is a Mydriatic Retinal Camera with full Non-Mydriatic functionality. Besides color photography, the CX-1 is equipped with high quality optical filters for FLUO, Red Free, Cobalt and standard even with FAF photography.


The Canon TX-20 Full Auto Tonometer  measures the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) with an extremely soft air puff. It has an advanced intelligent 3D fully automated operation that makes operating the instrument extremely simple; just press the button.


The RK-F2 has an advanced 3D Full Auto alignment and measurement system . Getting results is as easy as pressing one button, simply align roughly on the pupil and initiate the measurement. The advanced intelligent automatic operation will take over, alignment and measurement on both eyes will

TX-20 P

Two in one, tonometer and pachymeter in a single instrument. Information about the actual corneal thickness is important because without, it can mask accurate readings of IOP and delay diagnosis of glaucoma. Unless taken into account, thicker corneas contribute to overestimation of IOP values and thinner corneas to underestimation.